The natural vibration of the Self, which occurs spontaneously with each incoming and outgoing breath.  By becoming aware of hamsa, a seeker experiences the identity between the individual self and the supreme Self.  Also repeated as So’ham.

~taken from Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy by Dr. John Grimes


“The Hamsa represents perfect union, balance and life. A constant repetion on of the word "hamso" changes it to "Soham", which means "That I am". Hence the hamsa is often identified with the Supreme Spirit or Brahman. The flight of the Hamsa also symbolizes the escape from the cycle of samsara. The bird also has special connotations in the monistic philosophy of Advaita Vedanta - just as the swan lives on water but its feathers are not wetted by water, similarly an Advaitin tries to live in this material world full of Maya, but is unsoiled by its illusionary nature.”

~from Wikipedia page on Hamsa




Quotes About Hamsa

"Human life is short, Objects of knowledge are many.
Be like a swan, which can separate milk from water.

“There are abundant of things to learn about in this world.  Just like a swan which can extract milk from the water, we should choose which is useful for this lifetime and future lives.  Not only for oneself but also for others.”

~11th century Indian master Atisha


“What does the Hamsa represent?  Self-realization.
...and what is Yoga? The process of turning towards God.
Life without God-realization if meaningless.”

~Swami Dayatmananda,
Head of the Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre, UK



"Tell me, O Swan, your ancient tale.
From what land do you come, O Swan?
to what shore will you fly?
Where would you take your rest, O Swan,
and what do you seek?

Even this morning, O Swan, awake, arise, follow me!
There is a land where no doubt nor sorrow have rule:
where the terror of Death is no more.
There the woods of spring are a-bloom,
and the fragrant scent "He is I" is borne on the wind:
There the bee of the heart is deeply immersed,
and desires no other joy.

~Kabir, translated by Rabindranath Tagore

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